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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has reported a significant decline in student academic performance over the past five decades, particularly in math scores since 1990 and stagnant reading scores since 1971. Contributing factors include reduced student interest in reading, increased absenteeism, and growing mental health issues. The Common Core Curriculum Standards, implemented in 2012, is a key factor in this decline, due to its impact on math education and reading materials. Public schools are increasingly focused on promoting specific ideologies, leading to concerns about student mental health, illiteracy, and the need for alternative education options.

Here is an article that will give you some information on the problems the nation faces with our schools. This is sad and needs to be changed. Even in our good schools of York County we have the derivative of CRT called Social Emotional Learning, (SEL). Once the political machine realized parents were on to CRT, they came out with a more creative way to weave in Marxist ideology. Yes, it is in our school too but it is not as overt as other places. That is why you will hear “CRT is not in our schools”. It’s not called CRT. It’s called SEL and it isn’t what you think.

From American Thinker

Can America Survive as a Self-Governing People?

A series of tests by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), better known as the Nation’s Report Card, show that fifty years of student academic progress have been wiped out.  Unless this is reversed, America as a free nation faces a grim future.

Test scores released this week for a sample of 8,700 13-year-olds showed that math scores had the largest drop ever since 1990, with reading scores about the same as those in the initial test in 1971.  In a survey on the exam, fewer students said they read for pleasure, an activity that correlates with stronger academic performance.  Absenteeism has doubled since 2020, and mental health issues were noted.  Continue reading