In giving my enthusiastic endorsement to Kim Goodwin for the York County School Board District 3 seat, I am expressing my firm belief that she is the ideal candidate to bring positive change and progress to our local education system. Kim’s extensive background and rich experience uniquely qualify her to make informed decisions that will greatly benefit the students, families, and educators of York County.

Kim Goodwin’s deep understanding of children and their educational needs stems from her notable background in education and child development. Her academic and professional journey has provided her with the necessary insights into the cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of learning. This comprehensive knowledge allows her to approach educational policymaking with a holistic perspective, ensuring that the students’ growth and well-being are at the forefront of her decisions.

Having been involved in various capacities within our public school systems, Kim has gained invaluable experience that equips her with the ability to effectively address the challenges and opportunities faced by our district. Her firsthand exposure to classrooms, teachers, parents, and administrators has enabled her to recognize the intricate dynamics of the education environment and to develop practical solutions that cater to the diverse needs of all the students and their parents.

Kent Stevens, Seaford, Virginia