Budgeting and Fiscal Stewardship 600 417 Kim Goodwin District 3 School Board, Vice Chairman

Budgeting and Fiscal Stewardship

  • seek efficient and effective allocation of resources

Being mindful of how we allocate our limited resources, making strategic decisions that prioritize the most impactful activities, and continuously evaluating and adapting our approaches to ensure we are using resources in the most beneficial and productive ways for the students, teachers, and the school community as a whole.

  • prioritize prudent financial management to safeguard tax payer dollars

Making responsible financial decisions, promoting transparency, maximizing resource utilization, and implementing effective controls. By adopting this approach, the school board can effectively safeguard taxpayer dollars, enhance the quality of education, and demonstrate accountability to York County.

  • monitor and review expenditures to ensure responsible use of funds

This measure helps to prevent fraud, waste, and mismanagement while promoting transparency and accountability within the York County school system. By carefully tracking and evaluating expenditures, the school board can make informed decisions about financial priorities, make adjustments to the budget if necessary, and ensure that the allocated funds are being used effectively to support the educational needs of students and the overall mission of the school district.

  • collaborate with community stakeholders to explore innovative funding solutions

This taps into the power of collective wisdom and community support. It’s about recognizing that the challenges we face can be overcome by working together and thinking outside the box. Through this collaboration, we can pave the way for sustainable funding models that benefit our schools and ultimately enhance the educational experience for our students.