Commitment to Quality Education 600 488 Kim Goodwin District 3 School Board, Vice Chairman

Commitment to Quality Education

  • support rigorous academic standards and curriculum excellence

I support rigorous academic standards and curriculum excellence because I believe that a strong education system, grounded in essential knowledge and skills, is vital for individual success, societal well-being, and the preservation of traditional values. We must have clear standards, accountability, content-based curriculum, traditional teaching methods, local control, parental choice, and the development of critical thinking and civics education.

  • advocate for resources that maximize student achievement

I want to prioritize student achievement by advocating for educational choice, school accountability, efficient resource allocation, local control, parental involvement, and an emphasis on core subjects. I believe that by implementing these principles, resources can be effectively directed towards strategies and programs that maximize educational outcomes for all students.

  • foster a safe and nurturing learning environment for every student

We must emphasize the importance of discipline, traditional values, individual responsibility, parental involvement, intellectual diversity, and a safe physical environment to cultivate a safe and nurturing learning environment for every student. These elements contribute to the holistic development of students, ensuring they receive a quality education and have the tools necessary to succeed academically and personally.

  • give our teachers the support they need both financially and administratively

We should provide teachers with the support they need, both financially and administratively, in order for them to prepare a high-quality education system. By recognizing the value of education, offering fair compensation, empowering local decision-making, reducing administrative burdens, and promoting professional development, this would create an environment where teachers can thrive and students can receive the best possible education.