“Social Transitioning” 1024 571 Kim Goodwin District 3 School Board, Vice Chairman

“Social Transitioning”

I believe in preserving traditional values and norms, including traditional definitions of gender and family. I view social transitioning, particularly by children and adolescents, as a departure from these values.

I’m concerned about the impact of social transitioning on children and adolescents. Children are not developmentally capable of making such profound decisions and they should be protected from making irreversible choices.

Parents should have the primary authority and responsibility for making decisions about their children’s upbringing, including decisions related to gender identity and expression. I oppose government or medical intervention in these matters.

As the trans community gains more visibility, there is a growing focus on addressing mental health disparities within this population. Notably, research consistently highlights suicide as a significant health disparity affecting trans individuals. Multiple studies have revealed that over 40% of trans individuals have made suicide attempts at some point in their lives. Various factors contribute to these alarming rates of suicidal ideation and attempts, with minority stress being considered a primary underlying cause.

This is happening all around the country. I am glad to see that schools are being sued and parents are winning the battle. I am disgusted that a school whose responsibility is to teach reading, writing math etc.. would abuse a child in this way. These are the kinds of things I will fight to keep out of our schools if elected to the School Board.

California Mom Wins Settlement Against School District That Socially Transitioned Her Daughter